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The love for the art and weaves of India is the foundation of Soul India but the seed of this new venture was sown by a very modest artist whom I met in a handicrafts fair while I lived in Andhra Pradesh. Honestly, I was stunned by the craftsman’s skill. When I began collaborating with him I came to understand that the work of art in which he exceled has been in their family since generations and he is the last individual to hone it. “Pass it down to your children,”

I said and the response which I got disheartened me. He said “There is no life in pursuing this...I want him to do a job”.This one sentence said it all. I realized how so much talent & art was being squandered & neglected by us. His words kept resonating in my mind & being an art & handloom enthusiast I knew what I wanted to do. One thing led to another and Soul India was born where we offer a slice of India in the form of clothing, art, jewellery and more from the artisans at your doorstep.

Company history

We started in April 2017 and got an overwhelming response from all our lovely customers nationally & internationally too. Soon our website www.Soul-India.in was launched where we present the magnificent treasure arts of India with a blend of our style & vision to suit the needs of urban India.

No one likes familiarity when it comes to dressing or decorating their house. We all like to be different from the mundane, repetitive & common styles & cherish art; artefacts & clothing which makes us stand out in the crowd. If you too are one of them then you are at the right place as we are going to spoil you for choices with our fresh & refreshing collection.

We would like you to know that we source our material directly from the weavers and artists and bring authentic, genuine and exclusive products for you. One of our major goals is to bring the lost art forms to the fore. Come celebrate the beauty of our Indian heritage and stay tuned to know how our journey unfolds.

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